We have celebrated 20th anniversary

February 9th is a special day to MIT, it is a very solid and mature time when we already have something to show and be proud about.


JSC Malku Ilankos Terminalas was registered on 09 February 2000. Launched its operation in the port after winning the land lease tender announced by Klaipėda State Seaport Authority. Before MIT was established here, there was no infrastructure whatsoever in this part of the Port. The terminal started to develop on a 4 hectare land plot of the Port. The length of quays was 180m. The main activity at that time was timber handling. Today, the territory of MIT covers an area of 18ha, the length of the quays is over 400m, and the cargo portfolio includes not only of wood but the bulk cargo as well.

As we recall the events that are historical and important to MIT, the especially rapid growth of the terminal started in 2011: the construction of the bulk cargo terminal has been completed, the railcar and truck unloading stations, 6 silos, the most efficient grain dryer, and a cleaning plant were built. A road for truck waiting - queuing was built, and the reception of incoming transport was fully automated.

Over the last decade, MIT have invested over 17 million euros to increase the storage and handling capacity. Today, MIT is the most flexible, fastest, and one of the largest terminals that handle agricultural products in Klaipėda, with 140 000 tons of storage tanks and agricultural production handling capacity of over 1.0 million tons.  The terminal has a total cargo storage capacity of over 250 000 tons, and a handling capacity of 2 million tons per year.

“For 20 years, the company has been known as a strong, reliable, and competitive partner. The terminal is constantly creating new challenges for itself and is aiming for a cargo handling records, in 2019 the company handled 1 146 000 tons. The reconstruction of quay No. 142 has commenced in order to adapt it for the depth of 14.5 meters, and this is another historic event for the MIT, which will open up even greater cargo handling opportunities for the next decade,” said Julius Kiršis, Director of MIT.”

During the festival of the 20th anniversary of MIT’s operation, executives and owners thanked partners, city administration, and Terminal staff for their trust, partnership and teamwork which allowed to reach such results.

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