Emergency Training at MIT

On April 25th, emergency services of Klaipėda city rushed to the territory
of „Malkų Įlankos Terminalas“.
An training was held by imitating a fire at our warehouse and grain
transporter, a search of explosives was performed, suspicious persons were
captured, a rescue operation of people was made, pollutants were collected
which entered the port water area.
Participants of the emergency training: Klaipeda State Seaport Authority,
Coast Guard Border Team  of the State Border Guard Service (VSAT PAPR),
Naval Force of the Lithuanian Armed Forces (LK KJP), Klaipėda Division of
the General Emergency Centre (BPC), Lithuanian Police Anti-Terrorist
Operations Team „Aras“ (Aras), Klaipėda County Chief Police Commissariat
(KAVPK), Klaipėda Fire Rescue Board of the Fire and Rescue Department at
the Ministry of Interior (PAGD prie VRM KPGV), VšĮ „Klaipėdos greitosios
medicininės pagalbos stotis“ (GMP), UAB "Dorsimus".
We are delighted that this exercise succeeded, and want to thank the
rescue services and the terminal staff who met these challenges very
You can view a short video about this training HERE.
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