MIT plans growth of timber handling volumes

The paper industry, which has experienced a major downturn in recent years, is recovering strongly. Growth is associated with an increasing demand for packaging paper (cardboard) in the world.

This is markedly influenced by global changes in people's habits and lifestyles.

Growing online sales increase the volume of small items shipped all around the world. The increasing promotion of eco-lifestyle changes the mass consumption of oil-based materials (plastic packaging) into more environmentally friendly materials, produced from renewable sources.

The recession in the paper industry was associated with drastically decreased demand for printed newspapers and magazines, which had made direct influence to low volume of timber handling.

Looking at market indicators, and the significant increase of  the volume of MIT wood load results during the last quarter, we can assume that the hard times for paper industry is in the past.

In the first half of this year  MIT plans to increase volume of timber handling ~ 50%.
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