The fire in terminal was liquidated successfully

On April 22nd evening,  at 20:50 the conveyor belt between the warehouses got inflame.

The head of shift noticed a fire and called to special services. Klaipėda county fire and rescue service forces arrived at the scene of the incident and liquidated the fire in less than half an hour.

On April 23 rd  terminal is already in normal operation process, stevedoring is being held according to the plan. Due to this fire, customers didn’t cause any inconvenience or losses.  The fire was caused by the failure of the traffic lane. Our staff now is testing other devices for proper work. 

All the property of MIT, including the goods in the territory, are insured. All losses are still being calculated. . It is planned that the consequences of the fire will be eliminated within the next 4 weeks.

 We say big - thank you, to the fire brigade of Klaipėda County for the perfectly performed operative work.

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