2023 was an exceptional year for us

"In 2023, we reached an all-time historical record for annual cargo throughput, handling 1.33 million tonnes of various cargoes and servicing a record number of 236 vessels. Thanks to investments in new cement storage tanks, we received the highest ever volume of 196,000 tonnes of cement at the terminal. And these are the outstanding operational achievements that we have made through our daily and persistent work," says Julius Kiršis, our Terminal CEO.

Last year, we invested around €2 million in improving the terminal's infrastructure and expanded our bulk storage capacity, enabling us to store as much as 160,000 tonnes of bulk cargo. We have also acquired new machinery. "Thanks to these investments, we have diversified our cargo handling and attracted new cargoes by creating additional opportunities at the terminal," says the CEO.
According to the Director, every year we make additional decisions at the terminal to ensure that cargo handling has the smallest possible environmental footprint, and in 2023 we installed 320 kW of solar power on the roof of the terminal's warehouse, so that we can now use electricity from renewable energy sources. "We want our handling activities to have as little impact on the environment as possible, and to do so in a comprehensive way rather than on a one-off basis. At the terminal, we use electricity for the majority of the handling of cargo such as grain, while for example we load timber onto ships using only an electric crane. This means that around 70% of all cargo handling at our terminal is carried out in an environmentally friendly way," notes our CEO.

Last year, in 2023, we also faced a significant challenge when we handled ships for 5 months at only one berth because the other was under reconstruction. "Despite the infrastructure reconstruction works, we managed to provide a good service, spread the reception of ships at one berth and achieve a higher than usual number of ships handled. This proves that we work efficiently and flexibly," says Mr Kiršis.

Key performance indicators for 2023:

  • We handled a record cargo volume of 1.33 million tonnes, 33% more than in 2022;
  • We achieved a one-month record of 196,000 tonnes;
  • We handled the highest ever volume of 196,000 tonnes of cement;
  • Serviced 236 vessels, 96 more than in 2022;
  • We invested €2 million to improve the terminal infrastructure.
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