Repair works on berth 141 start

We use and operate berths 142 and 141 which are belonging to the port of Klaipeda. This week, the construction contractors of the Klaipėda State Seaport Authority started the overhaul of berth 141.

According to Julius Kiršis, the terminal manager, the quay that has been in use for many years has become worn out and is approaching the point where it will no longer meet the required safety parameters for the reception of ships and, of course, for its operation. This quay has not been repaired since it was built. Naturally, change is needed, and we will concentrate on reorganising our terminal operations so that we can ensure that we are able to receive and discharge cargo flows by operating only one berth.

The overhaul of the quay will include the dismantling of the existing reinforced concrete pavement and the existing crane track, and the installation of 12 injection drilled piles. During the repair, the quay will be covered with a solid reinforced concrete coating and the necessary reinforcements will be made.

On average, the MĮT receives about 110 vessels per year at both berths. Berth 141 has been in operation since 2ooo and is 168 m long, accommodating vessels with a maximum length of 180 m.

MĮT belongs to the Klaipėda Terminal Group, which brings together companies providing cargo handling, logistics, freight forwarding and ship agency services. The terminal's total cargo handling capacity is up to 2.5 million tones of cargo per year.

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