Increasing terminal capacity

We have completed a warehouse redevelopment project, which has seen the reconstruction of around 40 000 m2 of MĮT yard space, of which 15 000 m2 has been converted to accommodate a wider range of cargo. 

The need for the reconstruction of the storage yards was driven by a number of key reasons - we want to store larger volumes and a wider variety of cargo. The reconstruction will give the terminal greater operational advantage and flexibility to meet customer needs and expectations. 

We used more than 6 000 m3 of concrete for the installation and reconstruction of the storage yards, which took about half a year.

As part of the reconstruction work, we also built a new, additional warehouse for the storage of goods. The new covered warehouse will be able to store around 12 000 tones of additional bulk cargo. Before the new facility was built, we were able to store around 140 000 tons of cargo.

In 2022, we have invested €5 million to increase our handling capacity. We have carried out a number of works: reconstructed the warehouse yard, built a new 3,200 m2 bulk warehouse, acquired one of the largest electric hydraulic cranes in the Baltic States with a loading capacity of 1,300 tph, a front-end loader and other equipment essential to the terminal's operation.

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