About us

About us

JSC Malkų Įlankos Terminal is a stevedoring company founded in the year 2000. It began operating as a specialized round timber terminal. Due to the continuous development, the Terminal today is one of the most agricultural products handling terminal in Klaipeda. The company also successfully handles the bulk products of the construction industry and various other general cargo. Today MIT cargo handling capacity exceeds 2,5 million tons per year.

The terminal is located in the southern part of Klaipeda port, in an uninhabited area of the city. Due to this advantage, MIT can be reaching by avoiding the city's main streets with a high traffic. The shortest distance to the railway station "Draugyste" enables very expeditiously servicing of cargoes arrived by wagons.

Lithuanian and foreign companies entrust cargoes for JSC Malku Ilankos Terminal. Particular attention to the every customer and his problems solving, smooth cargo handling operations and a wide range of services enabled the company to earn the confidence of the most demanding Scandinavian companies.


MIT cargoes and offering services

Each order is evaluating individually, so the company provides a wide range cargoes and services:

  • Round and sawn timber handling;
  • Bulk agricultural products handling;
  • Dry bulk cargo handling;
  • General, including oversized and pre-packed cargo handling;
  • General and bulk cargo handling to / from containers.

Our professionals with many years of experience and modern tech applications ensures that cargoes handling operations will be done qualitatively, efficiently and safely.

MIT is registered with the State Food and Veterinary Service, registration No 210004244. 

Terminal infrastructure

The terminal area of the territory - 20 hectares.


  • No. 141 – length 168 m, maximum permissible draught – 9.0 m and a maximum permissible length of the vessel - 180 m.
  • No. 142 – length 274 m, maximum permissible draught –13.4 m and a maximum permissible length of the vessel - 235 m.

5 railroad branches fits more than 150 rail wagons. A company-owned locomotive carries out the required maneuvering works.

Quality policy

Our goal is stable development of the company, operating stevedoring services in  a qualitative, prompt and safe manner.

To achieve this, we ensure the highest quality of our service. Taking into account the needs and expectations of the client and other interested parties, we seek constant improvement.

From 2017 MIT  has a certificate of compliance with the quality management system ISO 9001: 2015, confirming, that the quality management system, implemented in the company, meets the latest requirements of international standards.

Code of ethics

Social responsibility

We are part of the Klaipėda Terminal Group of companies and follow a unified social responsibility policy. We aim to make sustainability an integral part of our business and other activities. We strive to be open, honest and to engage in an ongoing and sincere dialogue with our partners and customers. We are committed to being indifferent to the interests of society and to acting in a socially responsible, sustainable and ethical manner, as this is our highest value.

Each year we contribute to the funding of various social, cultural, public health and other projects. If you lack the financial means to make a financial contribution and believe that our support can make a significant contribution to your project, and if you firmly believe that your activities are in line with our social responsibility objectives and values listed above, please fill in the donation request form.

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